Pre-Order Medications for Pick-up

Additional Information

Our on-line prescription service allows you to have your pet's medication/supplies available for you to pick up at any time during our office hours.

Please note: you may order/refill your pet's prescriptions, supplies and food through your Pet Portal. Sign into your portal on the HOME page and click on your pet's name. Click re-order or re-fill button.


Let us know that you wish to order (or refill) a medication or supplies via your Pet Portal, our Free SmartPhone App or via email

You will receive an email confirmation that your order has been filled and that you can come pick it up.

Payment (cash/cheque/online transfer, Visa, MasterCard) must be made at the time of pick up.

We carry many high quality pet foods and prescription diets, and are able to order in many varieties of food or specialty diets upon request. We strive to keep our prices for these products very competitive, so please feel free to ask us to price out a product or food that you or your pet like and if we can help you out, we will be more than happy to do so!

Call or email us for more information about our Orijen Buy 12, Get 1 Free program.